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Lotte Garbers is a Danish fiction writer with a flair for writing novels on topics as grown-up love, everyday-life, and the struggles for making relations work and the never-ending pursue of happiness. She has a talent for writing dialogues and her prose is intense and without too many flowers.

She has not yet been translated into English.

For the time being especially her erotic short stories give her a lot of attention. Her newest novel, LAUST, has been well received even though the main character is a grown-up man.

She is 47 years old, has a degree in economics, married for over 20 years and has 2 sons. She has been a writer since 1999 and only a full time writer since she moved to Paris in 2012. She is now situated in Copenhagen.

In 2009-2012 she was chairman of the Danish Writer’s Association
She is a well known debater in Denmark and this blog is often quoted in the  Danish media.

For further information in English please contact:

Publishing House

Gyldendal Publishing House

+45 33 75 55 55

Klareboderne 3
DK-1001 København K

Literary Agent

Lars Ringhof

+45 33 13 25 23

Hyskenstræde 10
DK-1207 København K

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